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Welcome to this active site. Each week I am going to present to you a endgame position for you to solve or to workout the best continuation. Computer analysis will also be considered. Some of these positions will come from actual historical games. Others will be composed endgame studies, but all the solutions will be relevant to the practical game. The new position will occur each SUNDAY and I will always be pleased to receive POSITIVE feedback about the positions and the analysis and I will try to acknowledge these where relevant.

Thanks to Henryk Kalafut, Paul Cheng, Federico Giallombardo and Olivier Scalbert. 


White to play & DRAW


FORSYTH NOTATION:5r2/K5pP/P1kpp1P1/8/3pN3/8/8/8:  


Alexander Konstantinopolsky, (1910- ). Soviet international master. Played in the Soviet Championship six times achieving his best result in 1937 when he came equal 2nd with Ragozin behind Levenfish. He won the the first Soviet Correspondence Championship and became a leading trainer based in Kiev. He was Bronstein's second in his controversial 1951 World Championship bid against Botvinnik.

Konstantinopolsky vs Kasparyan

Moscow, 1947

White to play & WIN


FORSYTH NOTATION:8/5k2/1p3n1p/p1p3p1/P1P5/4K1BP/1P4P1/8: 

Alexander's opponent is Kasparyan, a strong player who was soon to become one of Russia's most famous endgame study composers. Black has a weak pawn a b6 which will have to be defended by the Knight. The White King approaches the enemy position and Black is forced to defend the invasion squares. Blacks pieces become passive and lose their mobility and he soon finds himself in ZUGZWANG.

1.Bc7 Nd7

2.Ke4 Ke6

3.Bd8 Ne5

3...h5 4.Bxg5 Ne5 5.b3 Nc6 6.g4 hxg4 7.hxg4+-, 3...Kd6 4.Kf5 Nb8 5.Bxb6 Nc6 6.g3 Ne7+ 7.Kg4 Nc8 8.Bxa5 +-.

4.b3 Nc6

4...Nd7 5.g4 and Black is in ZUGZWANG. Black decides instead to counterattack but he cannot save the game.

5.Bxb6 Kd6

6.g4 Nd4

7.Bxa5 Nxb3

8.Bc3 WINS.

White is threatening to win a second pawn. This ending illustrates an important point in Bishop vs Knight endings. In some closed positions, like the example above, where the pawn structure favours the side with the Bishop, the Knight may become a victim of ZUGZWANG. The Bishop has the advantage of moving and still being able to guard the original squares. The Knight does not have this property and will often not have a good move available. The Knight is more susceptible to ZUGZWANG.

Endgame Solving Tournament 2000. This will consist of 3 events: these will take place at Easter, Summer and Christmas each consisting of 5 positions to solve, 15 in all. Participants have to take part in all three events to be considered for the prize of £100 or equivalent. In case of a tie for 1st place, the prize will be shared. Present strict rules will apply; no computer analysis.

Easter Endgame Solving Tournament.

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Henryk Kalafut of USA wins in April.

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