Endgame Solving Competition

Christmas 2001

(closing December 26th)

This page consists of :

(a) Rules (b) The Positions (c) Entry Details.

Before you start it is best to read the whole of this page. I have decided on a few simple rules so that the event runs smoothly.

(a) Rules

1. The moves must be in English Algebraic Notation and any annotations must be in the English Language.

2. You must not seek help from books, computer programs, friends, etc..

3. The analysis of the positions must be laid out clearly with the main line marked in bold letters. The Director is looking for best play against best defence.

4. Only one entry per competitor is allowed. Once an entry is submitted it cannot be changed or taken back, so be careful, and check your analysis.

5. Participants will be awarded grades. Grade A is the highest and represents a score of between 80-100% ~ Grade E. 0-20 %.

6. Email address, name and other details must be written accurately.

7. The emphasis is on enjoyment rather than conflict. In any dispute the Director has the final say. 
 (b) The Positions

POSITION 1. White to play.


POSITION 2. White to play.


POSITION 3. White to Play.

POSITION 4. White to Play.


POSITION 5. Black to play.



Please send in analysis + annotations via the Email address:


Please do not send me attachment files.

Please state, Name, Country and thanks for taking an interest in the competition.

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