Endgame Solving Competition


POSITION 1. White to play

Ellison, 1969


FORSYTH NOTATION: 8/8/2p5/4k1p1/2P2pP1/2P2P2/8/2K5:

1.Kb2! Kd6 [1...c5 2.Kb3 Kd6 3.Ka4] 2.Ka3 Kc5 3.Kb3 Kb6 4.Kc2! [4.Kb4? c5+] 4...Kc5 5.Kd3 Kd6 6.Ke4 Ke6 7.c5 Kf6 8.Kd4 Ke6 9.Kc4 Kd7 [9...Ke5 10.Kb3 Ke6 11.Ka4] 10.Kb4 Kc7 11.Ka5 Kb7 12.c4 Ka7 13.Kb4 Ka6 14.Kc3! [14.Kb3! Ka5 (14...Kb7 15.Kc3) 15.Ka3 Ka6 16.Kb4 Kb7 17.Kc3]. 14...Ka5 15.Kb3 Ka6 16.Kb4 Kb7 17.Kb4 Kc7 [17...Ka6 18.Kd4 Ka5 19.Ke5 Kb4 20.Kd6] 18.Kd4 Kd7 19.Ke5 WINS.

POSITION 2. Black to play

Fischer vs Unzicker

Santa Monica, 1966

FORSYTH NOTATION:8/1B1k4/3P2p1/bp2Pp1p/2b2P1P/2P3P1/3K4/8:

The game was drawn a few moves later from this position. Could Black have won? He has an extra Bishop but White's centre pawns look threatening. 1...Bb6 2.Ke1 Be3 3.Bf3 [3.Bg2 g5 4.fxg5 f4-+] 3...Kd8! 4.Bg2 [4.Be2 Ke8 5.Bxc4? bxc4 6.Ke2 Bb6 7.Ke1 Ba5 8.Kd2 Kd7 the ending is lost. White cannot defend both the c3pawn and f2 weakness.] 4...g5 5.fxg5 [5.hxg5 h4 6.gxh4 Bxf4 7.Bh3 Bxe5 8.Bxf5 Bxc3+ 9.Kd1 Be5 10.d7 Bd5-+ 11.Kc2 b4 12.h5 b3+ 13.Kb1 Bf4 14.g6 Bh6 15.Kb2 Bg7+] 5...f4 6.gxf4 Bxf4 7.Bf3 Bxe5 8.Kd2 Bf4+ 9.Kc2 Bf7 10.Be2! Be8 11.d7! Bg6+ 12.Kd1 Bg3 13.Bxb5 Bxh4 Black is slowly winning 14.Ke2 Bxg5 15.Bd3 Bf7 16.Bf5 Bd5 17.Kf2 h4 18.Bh3 Bc6 19.c4 Kc7 20.Kg1 Kd6 21.Kh2 Ke5 22.Kg1 Kf4 23.Be6 Kg3 WINS.

POSITION 3. White to play

Pletnev, 1996


FORSYTH NOTATION: 3K3R/7p/4k3/P5P1/5p1r/8/8/8:

1.g6 [1.a6 also seems to win 1...f3 2.Rf8 Rd4+ 3.Kc8 Rc4+ 4.Kb7 Rb4+ 5.Kc6 Ra4 6.Kb5 Ra3 7.Kb4 Ra1 8.Rxf3 Ke5] 1...Kf6 2.a6 f3 3.gxh7 Kg7 4.Rf8 Kxf8 5.a7 Rxh7 6.a8Q Rf7 7.Qa1 Rf5 8.Qb1 Rf6 9.Qb4+ Kg7 10.Qg4+ Kf7 11.Qc4+ Kf8 12.Qh4 Kg7 13.Ke7 Rf7+ 14.Ke6 f2 15.Qg5+ Kf8 16.Qh6+ Ke8 17.Qh8+ Rf8 18.Qe5! WINS.

POSITION 4. White to play

Adamson, 1924


FORSYTH NOTATION: 2k5/1pP1p2p/1K2p2P/3bP3/8/8/2N5/8:

1.Na3 ... [Beginning of a duel between Knight and Bishop for the key squares] 1...Bc6 2.Nb1! Be4 3.Nc3 Bd3 4.Na4 Be4 5.Nc5 Bd5 6.Nd3 Be4 7.Nf4 Bf5 8.Ne2 Bd3 9.Nc3! [White has passed the move to Black ] 9...Bc4 [9...Bf1 10.Ne4 Bc4 11.Ng5!+-; 11.Nc5? Bd5!] 10.Ne4 Bd3 11.Nc5 Bc4 12.Nxb7 Bb3 13.Nc5 Bc4 14.Ne4 Bd3 15.Ng5 Bf5 16.Nf3! Be4 17.Nd4 Bd5 18.Nb5 WINS.

POSITION 5. Black to play

Steinitz vs Zukertort,

World Championship Match

1886 Game 14


FORSYTH NOTATION:3bk3/5pB1/6pp/3p4/3P2P1/3K2P1/5P2/8:

In this position Zukertort played ...h5? and only drew. Could he have done better? Blacks best try is 1...f6! 2.Bxh6 g5 3.f4 [3.Kc3 Be7 4.Kb3 Kf7 5.Ka4 Kg6 6.Bxg5 fxg5! 7.Kb5 Kf7 8.Kc6 Ke6 9.f4 Bf6 (9...Bd6 10.f5+ Ke7 11.Kxd5 Bxg3 12.Kc6 Bd6 13.Kd5=) 10.Kc5 Bd8 11.Kc6 Be7 12.f5+ Kf7 13.Kxd5 Bf6 14.Kc5 Ke7 15.Kd5 Kd7 16.Kc5 Be7+ 17.Kd5 Bd6 18.Ke4 Bxg3 19.Kd5 Bd6 20.Ke4= ] 3...Kf7 4.f5 [4.Kc3 Be7 5.Kb3 Kg6 6.fxg5 fxg5 7.Bxg5 Kxg5=] 4...Kg8 5.Kc3 Be7 6.Kb3 Kh7 7.Bxg5 fxg5 8.Ka4 Bf6 [8...Kg7 9.Kb5 Bd6 10.Kc6 Bxg3 11.Kxd5 Kf6 12.Kc6 Ke7 13.d5 Be5] 9.Kb5 Bxd4 10.Kc6 Kg7 11.Kxd5 Bb2 [11...Bc3 12.Ke6 Bf6=] 12.Ke6 Bf6 13.Kd6 Kf7 14.Kd5 Ke7 [14...Bc3=] 15.Kc5 Be5 16.Kd5 DRAW
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