Summer Endgame Solving Competition


Edyta Grylak USA


Jim Monaghan CAN


Prasad Gapule IND


Schachclub Leipzig-Gohlis (Girls)


Schachclub Leipzig-Gohlis (Boys)


POSITION 1. White to play.

O. Frink, 1927


1.Kd5 f6! [1...Ke3 2.Ke5 f6+ 3.Kf5 +-] 2.h4 Ke3! 3.h5 [3.Ke6 Kf4 4.Kxf6 Kg4=] 3...f5 4.h6 f4 5.h7 f3 6.h8Q f2 7.Qe5+! Kd3 [7...Kf3 8.Qe4+ Kg3 9.Qh1 +-; 7...Kd2 8.Qh2! Ke1 9.Ke4 f1Q 10.Ke3 and White mates or wins the Queen.] 8.Qb2! f1Q 9.Qb5+ WINS.
POSITION 2. White to play.

V. Korolkov, (Correction 1991)


1.Kd2 Re8 2.Ke1 a5 3.Rb3! [3.Rb7+? This was the composers original main line but White does not have to play the Rook check which leads to a lost game; 3... Kxf6 4.Rb6+ Kg7 5.Rb7+ Kh8 6.Rb5 a4 7.Rb4 a3 8.Rb3 a2 9.Ra3 Rg8 10.Kxe2 Rg1 11.Rxa2 Rg2+ ] 3...Re4 [3...Kxf6 4.Rf3+ Kg5 5.Ra3 Re5 6.Ra2 Kf4 7.Rxe2 Rd5 8.Rd2=] 4.Ra3 a4 5.Rf3 Re5 6.Ra3 Ra5 7.Kxe2 Kxf6 DRAW.
POSITION 3. White to Play.

V. & M. Platov, (correction? 1991)


1.g5+ Kxg5 [1...Bxg5 2.Nc7 Bf6 (2...Bd8 3.a6 Bxc7 4.a7+-) 3.Ne6! ] 2.Nc5 dxc5 [2...Bd8 3.Ne6+ Kf5 4.Nxd8+-] 3.a6 Bd8 4.a7 WINS.

In the original setting of the study, the e-pawn was at e3 and the White King at f1. The study was flawed because after 1.g5 Kxg5 2.Nc5 Black has a strong counterattack with 2...Kg4 !! If white now plays 3.a6 then 3...Kf3! wins for Black.
POSITION 4. White to Play.

Horwitz, 1884


1.Na5 [ Not 1.Kb8? Kd8 2.Nd6 Ba8! 3.Ka8 Kc7! resulting in a well known draw.] 1...Ba8 2.Kc8! Ke8 3.Nc4! Ke7 4.Kb8 Kd8 [4...Kd7 5.Nb6+ with a win] 5.Nd6 Kd7 6.Nb7! Kc6 7.Kxa8 Kc7 8.Nd6! Kxd6 9.Kb7 and White wins.

POSITION 5. White to play.

Krogius vs Gibbs, 1954



1.Kf2! Kf6 2.Ke2 Ke6 3.Rf5 f6 4.Kd2 Ke7 5.Kc2 Rb4 6.Kc3 Rb1 7.Kc4 Rc1+ [7...Ke6 8.Kc5 Rc1+ 9.Kb6 Rc3 10.Kb7 Ke7 11.b6 with a win] 8.Kd5 Rd1+ 9.Kc6 Rd6+ 10.Kb7 Rd7+ 11.Ka6 Rd8 12.b6 Ra8+ 13.Kb7 Ra3 14.Kc6 Rc3+ 15.Rc5! WINS

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