Endgame Solving Competition


winners + solutions


 Vojna Alexander

and Henryk Kalafut

win the Autumn Endgame Solving Tournament scoring grade: A ,

Patrick Peschlow B+


The overall scores for the millennium prize are as follows:

Patrick Peschlow GERMANY

Henryk Kalafut USA/POLAND

Vojna Alexander UKRAINE

David Rowe ENGLAND

Mike Fitch USA

Peter Bereolos USA



 A A B+B+






POSITION 1. White to play

Botvinnik, 1945

  FORSYTH NOTATION:8/8/5pk1/1p5p/1P5P/8/6P1/6K1: 

1.Kf2 Kf5 [1...f5? 2.Kf3 +-] 2.Kf3 Ke5 3.g4 hxg4 4.Kxg4 Ke4 5.h5 f5+ 6.Kh3!! [This is the only move to win and the key to the study.] 6...f4 7.h6 f3 8.h7 f2 9.Kg2 WINS.

POSITION 2. Black to play

Averbakh vs Bondarevsky

Moscow, 1948


  FORSYTH NOTATION:8/7p/8/3k4/7R/3q4/5PK1/8:

Fortunately for Averbakh, Bondarevsky missed the winning line here which was later pointed out by Lev Abramov: 1...Qg6+!! [IThe Rook must not be allowed to go to h3. 1...Ke5? 2.Rh3! Qg6+ 3.Rg3 Qe4+ 4.Kh2 Kf4 5.Rh3 Qd5!? 6.Re3 (6.Rxh7? Kf3! -+)6...h5 7.Rh3 h4 8.Re3! Kg4 9.Rh3 Qd2 10.Kg2 Qd1 11.Re3!= The fortress holds. Black cannot make any progress.(This drawing position was discovered by Grigoriev in 1917) ] 2.Kh2 [2.Kh3 Qg1-+; 2.Kf1 Qf5-+; 2.Kh1 Qf5 3.Kg2 Qg5+ 4.Kh3 Qg1-+; 2.Kf3 Qg5 as in main line] 2...Qf5 3.Kg3 Qe5+ 4.Kf3 [4.Kg2 Qg5+ 5.Kh3 Qg1-+] 4...Qg5! 5.Rh3 [Too late, because White has lost the coordination of his pieces; Black will now gain control of the h-file] Kd4 6.Rg3 Qd5+ 7.Ke2 Qh1! and Black Wins, since the h-pawn will Queen.

POSITION 3. White to play

  FORSYTH NOTATION:8/5p2/8/3P1p1P/8/5P2/p1p2PQb/k3K3:

1.Kd2 Kb2 2.Qg7+ Kb1 3.Qa1+! Kxa1 4.Kc1! [4.Kxc2? Bf4!-+] 4...Bd6 [4...Bf4+? 5.Kxc2 f6 6.d6 or 6.h6 =] 5.f4! Bc7 6.Kxc2! Bxf4 7.f3! f6 8.d6 [8.h6!? Bxh6 9.d6 Bf4 10.d7 Bc7 11.Kc1! Ba5 12.Kc2 =] 8...Bxd6 9.h6 Bf8 10.h7 Bg7 11.f4! [11.Kc1? f4! 12.Kc2 f5 13.Kc1 Be5 14.Kc2 Bb2! -+] 11...Bh8 12.Kc1 DRAW 

POSITION 4. Black to play

Radovici vs Jansa

Bucharest, 1971

FORSYTH NOTATION:8/5k2/8/3K3p/P6B/2b3P1/8/8:

This was the adjourned position and it has a very interesting history: Jansa went to bed reasonably happy he could draw this position, but to his horror he discovered a winning method for White in a dream that night. Fortunately for him, his opponent did not have similar inspiration and he could only draw the game !! Here is Jansa's winning analysis:

1...Ke8 2.Kd6 Bb4+ [2...Be1? 3.Kc6] 3.Kc6 Be1 4.Kc7 Ba5+! 5.Kc8 Be1 6.Bd8! [White has to give up his g-pawn in order to make progress; 6.Kb7? Kd7=; 6.Kc7 Ba5+] 6...Bxg3 7.a5 [with idea 8.Bb6!+-] 7...Be1! [7...h4? 8.a6 Bf2 9.Bxh4!+-] 8.a6 Bf2 9.Bh4 Be3 10.Bg3!! [This is the "dream move" ] 10...Bd4 11.Kc7 Ke7 12.Bh4+! Ke8 [12...Ke6 13.Kc6 with the idea Bd8-Bb6+-] 13.Be1! Be5+ [13...Ke7 14.Ba5 h4 15.Bb6 h3 16.a7!+-]14.Kb7 Bd4 15.Ba5 h4 16.Bb6 h3 17.a7! WINS

POSITION 5. White to play


FORSYTH NOTATION:8/2p2k2/4p1NP/p5p1/8/b7/P4P1P/1K1b2N1:

1.h7 Bh5! 2.Nf4! [2.h8=Q? Bxg6+ 3.Ka1 Be7!] 2...gxf4 3.h8=Q Bg6+ 4.Ka1 Be7! 5.Nf3! Bf6+ 6.Ne5+! Ke7 7.Qh4!! Bxh4 [7...Bf5 8.Qxf4+-] 8.Nxg6+ WINS. 

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